Martin Critten plus logoHi, my name is Martin, the proprietor of an Artisan kitchen in Ireland. One of the things  instantly recognisable about this green and pleasant land (apart from the famous hospitality) is the abundance of great food. Superb cheeses, fresh fish caught off the rugged Atlantic coastline, mouth wateringly succulent cured hams, and of course such unique recipes as corned beef, all emanate from this island, so rich and fertile. And, what makes these particular offerings even more zingier is of course a fine dollop of mustard, splashed liberally between the slices of a sandwich, or on the side of a dinner plate. But with Martin's Mustard, you needn’t stop there either, as an ingredient you will find mustard's in glazes and sauces, adding a distinct twist to your own Chef at Workkitchen’s expertise.

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Martins Mustards KitchenAt Martin’s Mustard's, we pride our selves on making the very best table accompaniments. Naturally, only the finest seeds, vinegar's and wholesome spices go into our preparations, including the featured ingredients that make up our taste sensations, such as whiskey, stout and honey. Our gift selection also adds an extra dimension of indulgence to those who are partial to the finer things in life with some very unusual infusions to tease the pallet.

Whether you are discovering our mustard’s in a butchers shop, gourmet food store, or on a supermarket shelf, you are sure to find one of the largest varieties of curiosity and gourmet mustard’s known in modern times, made with the age old traditions of patience, diligence and skill. If you’re really mad about mustard, like we are, why not visit our Face Book and Online Shop page?

Martins Mustards